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Folk Mass

The Folk Mass is a traditional celebration of the Eucharist using "up-beat" or polka rhythms for the hymns and responses. It was started shortly after the Second Vatican Council when liturgies were focused on the traditions of the people celebrating them. Each nationality celebrated the Eucharist in their native tongue and added their customs to the Mass, thus the Folk Mass came into being. 


"Pan" Franek & Zosia, along with their daughters Kristine and Andrea, have put together a folk Mass using Church melodies along with many traditional hymns to the up-beat tempo of the polka. The words are translated in Polish to English so all can join in and sing along. 


There is no "dancing in the aisles" as some may think, but there is a true spirit of rejoicing and praising God from the heart when all join in and sing together. As St. Augustine said, "A person who sings, prays twice". This is especially true at a Folk Mass as everyone joins in and sings to the lively beat and beautiful melodies. 


If you get a chance, be sure to attend "Pan" Franek & Zosia's Folk Mass to experience the beautiful and enriching liturgy of the Mass in an uplifting way!  

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