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Albums & Recordings 

Music to bring joy to the ears

Each of our Albums are packed with music from the old country of Poland as well as some of the new era style polkas, waltzs, and obereks. We hope you enjoy our selection of recordings. To purchase please email the Polkatowners at 

T-Shirts available in multiple sizes. They are all unisex and Bella Canvas T-shirts.

Please fill out form on home page for your order. 


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Ode to Mary CD Cover.jpg
1.) Yet I Always Knew
2.) Immaculate Mary 
3.) Czarna Madonna
4.) As I Kneel Before You 
5.) Salve Regina 
6.) Hail Mary 
7.) On This Day 
8.) Magnificat 
9.) Serdeczna Matko
10.) Maryjo Krolowo Polski
11.) Goodnight Mother Dearest 
1.) Covell's Minor Polka
2.) Tide Is High Polka
3.) Cavalier Polka
4.) Jarzebino Czerwona Waltz
5.) Zosia's Blueberries
6.) Don't Cry For Me Marzena
7.) To The Wedding
8.) Pala Brother's Polka Medley
9.) Kalina w Lesie Polka
10.) Crystal Chandelier Polka
11.) Changing Times Polka
12.) Zabrales Serce Moje Waltz
13.) Then He Kissed Me
14.) Small World
1.) Fiddler's Jig Jag
2.) Night Dancing Polka
3.) Na Droge Zycia Waltz
4.) Batory Oberek
5.) My Shoes Polka
6.) W Niedziele Rano Polka
7.) Polka Sensation
8.) To Know Him Is To Love Him
9.) Play Gypsy Waltz
10.) Plynie Wisla Polka
11.) Harcerz z Harcerka Polka
12.) Good Ole Days Polka
13.) O Marianno
14.) Hupaj Siupaj Polka
15.) Play Fiddles Polka
Two-disc feature!
CD only! This 2-disc CD is $25.00
This collection of songs takes you back to the beginning of the Polka Towners to the present day. Featuring a wide selection of music and history! 
1.) Polka Hoedown In II
2.) Boy Scouts Polka
3.) I Want To Be Your Darling
4.) General's Son Polka
5.) My Boyfriend's Polka
6.) Bush To Bush Polka
7.) Fi Duli Fi Polka
8.) Polish Symphony In D-Minor
9.) You Are My Darling Angel Waltz
10.) Red Apple Oberek
11.) If You're Gonna Play A Polka
12.) Willow Tree Waltz
13.) White Table Polka
14.) Sad Movies
1.) Hej Sokoly Polka
2.) Stormy Clouds Polka
3.) Singing Birds Waltz
4.) Thank You For The Music Polka
5.) Hej Bystra Woda Polka
6.) Sleeping Girl Oberek
7.) Picnic Polka
8.) Warsaw Traveler Polka
9.) Pytala Sie Pani Waltz
10.) My One & Only Polka
11.) Pija Kuba Polka
12.) Honey Bee Oberek
13.) Army Polka
14.) Jak Szybko Mijaja Chwile Waltz
15.) Green Grass Polka
1.) Gdy Sie Chrystus Rodzi
2.) Bog Sie Rodzi
3.) Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy
4.) Pojdzmy Wszyscy Do Stajenki
5.) Ach, U Bogi Zlobie
6.) Do Szopy, Hej, Pasterze
7.) Pasterze Mili
8.) W Zlobie Lezy
9.) Przybiezeli Do Betlejem
10.) Lulajze Jezuniu
11.) Wesola Nowine
12.) Jezus Malusienki
13.) Medrcy Swiata
1.) Weekend Star
2.) Tending Geese
3.) Rocking Chair Waltz
4.) Concertina Polka
5.) Early Morning Oberek
6.) Mountaineers Polka
7.) Iron Casket Oberek
8.) At The Border
9.) From The Hills Oberek
10.) In The Fields Waltz
11.) Snow On The Roses
12.) Strolling With My Girl Oberek
13.) Kids Revenge
14.) Polka Hoe Down
1.) Bye Bye Love Polka
2.) Grandpa's Waltz
3.) Goose Girl Polka
4.) Krakow Oberek
5.) Pin-Up Girl Polka
6.) Tell You Something
7.) Krakowiak
8.) Wooden Heart
9.) Pretty Girl Polka
10.) Z Tamtej Strony Wisly
11.) Aching Head Polka
12.) I'll Be Blue Polka
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