Do you want to deepen your faith life while on an all-inclusive, five-star rated vacation? Then come with us on a life-enriching experience as we pilgrimage throughout Europe and enjoy the beauty of these countries!


Why Pilgrimage?

Surrender. Choosing to take a pilgrimage is a simple and direct path to union with God as practiced by all the Saints. Simple, but profoundly counterintuitive, to those of us in the modern world where distractions are many, conveniences abundant, and temptations never-ending. 

One concrete way to "pause" and refocus our gage on God, opening ourselves up to the possibility of surrendering ALL to Him, is PILGRIMAGE. In putting aside our plans, our daily habits, our familiar routines while walking IN FAITH to seek a deeper union with Him, we become His creature, His child in a new way. We are re-created, in a sense, through this walk with Him that is at once physical and spiritual. 

PILGRIMAGE is part of our rich spiritual heritage as Catholics, perhaps one that has been over-looked in our modern era. Walking where the Saints walked, praying where the Blessed Mother has appeared, and worshipping God in some of the most exquisitely beautiful churches of the world all raise our hearts and minds toward heaven. PILGRIMAGE also helps us spiritually progress by uniting us with the entire "Body of Christ". Indeed, the Church militant, the Church suffering, and the Church triumphant are all united and find strength in this union by echoing, together, one song of praise to the glory of God!

As Father Svetozar from Medjugorje has said in his book entitled, Pilgrimage: 

"A pilgrimage is a journey, assigned by God. It brings the pilgrim not only to a physical place, but out of himself, and into the presence of God. All else falls away. There is only the child, his Father, and eternity."

Are you ready, are you willing to surrender your time, your usual daily life, your attachments to walk out the front door and take "the pilgrim's path"?

Our walk, if we so choose to take it, can be the most profound (and life-changing) best way of becoming a person of prayer. God exchanges our humble and obedience and surrender in return for a fuller measure of His grace and outpouring of His love. He gently teaches us to walk united with Him in prayer; a prayer that fills our whole day and re-orients our priorities and the deepest longings of our hearts. We live in this intimacy of continual communion with God by learning to live in prayer, by becoming pilgrims, to enter into this amazing journey of pilgrimage, which is the business of God. In imitation of our Blessed Mother, we offer our own "fiat" in response to His call, and God renews our strength, gives light to our minds, and overshadows us with His peace. 

Such a "launching out" IN FAITH takes real courage, are you up to the challenge? In abandoning all, we will surely find what we are really seeking, which is communion with God, something we begin here and will only live fully in eternity. 

If you are weary and your soul seeks rest, if you need time and space to "hear" God speaking to you, consider embarking on the "pilgrim's path" and experience the JOY of walking in abandonment and trust with Him as your guide!

Euro Pilgrimage Tours is happy to announce the following pilgrimages for 2020: POLAND, in the footsteps of Saints John Paul II, May 7th-16th, and the Shrines of France, October 14th-24th. For more information, please contact Erika and Andrea at or call us at 231-720-8378. 

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Take Your vacation to the next level... PILGRIMAGE!

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